Soil Mender

Tomato & Vegetable 5 lb.

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  • 765013990952 UPC
  • All natural premium topsoil
  • Composted for a full year
  • Contains a mixture of organic matter and native topsoil
  • Natural Fertilizer
  • Produces Healthier Plants
  • Larger Blooms & Stronger Roots
  • 2.5-5-5
  • 5 lb.


Soil Mender Tomato & Vegetable Food is designed to naturally feed all tomato and vegetable plants, field or container grown. When used as directed, Tomato & Vegetable Food produces healthier plants, more fruit and stronger roots. Contains alfalfa meal, manure compost, rock phosphate, bone meal, cottonseed meal, feather meal, wormcastings, potash, lava sand, granite sand, basalt, humate, montmorillonite, diatomaceous earth & Epsom salts. Produce luscious, tasty tomatoes and vegetables naturally.