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​Flowers for Where You Live: Western United States

Posted by AG Oganics on

Plant these Flowers in Your Western Garden for a Thriving Landscaping

In our previous blog, we went over some of the native flowers that blossom in the Eastern United States, making them perfect to plant in your garden. Today, we’ll chat about some of the lovely and vivacious plants of the western variety.

The Southwest

The Southwestern region of the United States is known for desert landscapes, lots of sunshine, and minimal rainfall. Flowers that might thrive in Virginia certainly might not in Arizona. Luckily, the dry soil doesn’t ward of flowers completely and the Southwest is home to some bright plants.

  • Wine Cups: These flowers look exactly how they sound. The cup like flower tinted bright magenta petals stand out in even the most colorful gardens. They love the sunshine and well drained soil. Add some of our organic fertilizer to the mix and these plants are sure to shine.
  • Bunny Ears Cactus: What’s the southwest without some cacti? This cactus plant stands out with delicate flowers sprouting atop a prickly body making it simultaneously dangerous and pretty. These flowers also love the sun and dry soil.
  • Desert Sunflower: These dainty plants bloom in abundance. The golden flowers pair nicely with the dry earth to create the western landscape you see in postcards. Stick them in the sunshine and they’ll smile through the spring and again in autumn.

The West

The West is similar to the Southwest with its lack of steady rain and constant influx of sunshine. Thus, plants that spurt from the soil here need to be able to handle these conditions. Hydrangeas need not apply! Here are some of the prettiest flowers native to Western states like California and Nevada:

  • Desert Mallow: The Desert Mallow consists of an elongated stem sprouting with burnt orange petals. It’s aesthetic works in with the famous Cali sunsets and gives the surrounding area quite the image.
  • San Miguel Island Buckwheat: This plant is essentially the peonie of the West, looks wise at least. It’s clusters of bright flowers and stems poking out make it simultaneously dainty and exotic. Cultivate it with some of our organic gardening supplies and watch this flower bloom.
  • California Poppy: Poppies are the essential flower to any American garden… especially in the West! The bright orange petals atop high stems bring life to the dry earth.

The Northwest

Keep Portland Weird with flowers! The Pacific Northwest is known for it’s rainy and cloudy days and the plants that exist there are much different than they are about a thousand miles south.

  • Broadleaf Lupine: Hello, beautiful! The Broadleaf Lupine’s petals sprout out from the stem of the plant, giving it that elongated look and the violet colors contrast the deep green foliage that paints the Northwest.
  • Lewisia: Lewisia is a notable Northwestern plant with its pink petals outlined in yellow standing against the dark leaves of the rest of the plant. The plant loves sun and well-drained soil.
  • Blue Columbine: This lovely flower has two shades of faded purple with a yellow center making it the quintessential Pacific Northwest flower. This plant grows up up to 18 inches tall and loves moist soil. 

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