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Medina Micronutrients 5 lb

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  • 046753150050 UPC
  • A mix of clays that allow micro elements to gradually release and make highly available to plants
  • Stimulates color, vigor and promotes maximum root depth
  • Can be applied to flowers, bushes, trees and lawns
  • 5 lb. Bag

SDS Label

Medina Micronutrients has a special blend of clays extracted from mines at the central part of Mexico which makes the product unique in the market. These clays plus the microelement content in the formula give the product a high Cationic Exchange Capacity (CEC). This mix of clays lets the microelements be gradually released and made highly available to the plants. Medina Micronutrients works fast by supplying essential Iron, Zinc, Sulfur and other micronutrients to stimulate color, vigor and promote maximum root depth. When added with NPK source it adds all the micronutrients necessary for an optimum fertility program.

• Greens up yellow lawns

• Environmentally safe

• Nutrients are continually released

• Source of micronutrients


FLOWERS & VEGETABLES: Apply 1-2 lbs per 1000 sq feet once a year.

POTTED PLANTS: Apply to soil mixture to be available in the root zone.

TREES: Apply 3-5 ounces to trees 1 yr or younger, 10 ounces for trees up to 2 yrs, 15 ounces to trees 3-5 yrs, and 20 ounces for trees greater than 5 yrs old.

Spread evenly under the tree canopy.

LAWNS: Apply 3-4 lb/ 1000 sq feet. For easy application it can be mixed with dry fertilizer every season, or every 2 months for severe clorodic condition