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3.5 LB Gopher Scram Shaker Canister

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Product Details

  • 186955000644 UPC
  • A blend of castor and other natural oils in granular form
  • Can be used in organic gardens and is safe around children and pets
  • Drives gophers away quickly using Bad Taste and Strong Smell
  • No Watering Required

Gopher Scram is a dual-action granular gopher repellant, which is specially formulated based on EPIC’s years of experience developing repellents from a behavior-modification approach. The dual action of Gopher Scram includes bad taste and strong odor (although the smell is very mild to people). Gopher Scram causes gopher food to taste bad to them and causes the soil and tunnels to smell bad to them. Gopher Scram does not kill or harm gophers. It simply drives them away so that they will do no farther damage to your property.

  • All-Natural Gopher Repellent
  • For Organic Gardening
  • Fast-Acting
  • Protect up to 2,100 Square Feet
  • Dual Action Protection