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2 LB Deer Scram Bag

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  • 186955000040 UPC
  • All natural, biodegradable, environmentally safe
  • Won't harm animals, the environment, you or your family
  • Keeps deer away from your gardens, shrubs and trees

Deer Scram is specially formulated to keep deer away from vegetables and plants. Stimulates a strong fear-based response by emitting an odor that deer associate with death. Easy-to-apply by shaking the granules on and around flower beds, vegetables, trees, and shrubs. No foul smell. Safe-to-use around pets and children. Lasts 30 to 45 days. Keep your summer landscape lush, green, full of flowers and protected from browsing deer and foraging rabbits. You’ve spent hours and money building your prized gardens, nurturing your beautiful shrubs and growing your striking trees. You don’t want a few hungry deer to come by and literally eat the fruits of your labor! With regular application of Deer Scram deer repellant, you’ll once again enjoy sitting among your attractive flowers, gathering your delicious fruits and vegetables, strolling among the cooling shade of spreading trees. With Deer Scram, you get guaranteed plant protection 24 hours a day! Avoid inconvenient sprays that smell bad and wash off in rain. Deer Scram deer repellant outperforms other deer repellents, is easier to use and lasts longer. Application Recommendations: For individual plants and bushes, sprinkle Deer Scram liberally around the plants and bushes to be protected. For small garden plots/flower beds (10 feet by 15 feet) sprinkle liberally in a 16-inch strip surrounding the entire bed or plot. The initial application of Deer Scram must be heavy so as to visibly cover the ground around the plants and shrubs to be protected. The strip should be applied 18 inches from the edge of the plants being protected.