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MicroLife Morrhizal Plus 9 Lb All Organic Biological Inoculant

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  • 019962212703 UPC
  • Highly effective way to inoculate your plants with Mycorrhizal fungi
  • Adds billions of additional beneficial microbes
  • Provides essential food for the indigenous soil microorganisms
  • Because of the Yucca Mycorrhizal Plus can be used on established plants
  • Will not burn and completely safe for all life forms

The absolutely best buy on the market for Mycorrhizal Inoculation. We add 11 strains of Endo & Ecto Mycorrhizal Fungi + 63 additional Rhizobial Microbes and put them on a rich carrier of Humates, Kelp & Yucca. The number of Mycorrhizal propagules and Microbial CFU’s contained are astronomical. Plus you get the health components of Humates, Kelp & Yucca.

Granulated All Organic Biological Inoculant containing high grade Humate ore, selected sugars, kelp, corn meal, brewer’s yeast extract, Yucca, selected amino acids and MicroGro Mycorrhizal Bio Inoculation package. MicroGro Mycorrhizal Bio-Inoculation specifications: Each blended pound will contain 150,000 Mycorrhizal Propagules and 1,600,000 billion Rhizobial CFU’s. The Mycorrhizal species are 1 strain Glomus intaradices, 1 strain Glomus mossae, 1 strain Glomus aggregatium, 1 strain Glomus etunicum, 1 strain Rhizopogon villosullus, Rhizopogon luteolus, 2 strains Rhizopogon amylopogen, 1 strain Rhizopogon fulvigleba, 2 strains Pisolithus tinctorius, A super charged microbial booster of select Sugars, Kelp, Humic Acid, Brewers Yeast Extract and Vitamins are included to accelerate growth.

Application Rates:

  • Transplants:
    • 4” pot – 1 teaspoon
    • 1 gallon pot – 1 oz
    • 5 gallon pot – 2 oz
    • 15 gall pot – 6 oz
    • 30 gallon pot – 12 oz
  • Working into new beds prior to planting: 4 lb per 100 sq ft mixed into the soil 1”–3”
  • Top dressing turfgrass or existing beds: 4 lb per 100 sq ft; water in well