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MicroLife Cactus & Succulent (3-7-3) Professional Grade Organic Liquid Fertilizer Concentrate, 1 Quart

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MicroLife Cactus & Succulent 3-7-3 liquid concentrated Organic fertilizer is carefully researched and designed to bring out the best in our little friends. All the bases are covered here to properly feed your awesome cacti & succulents and to support the wonderful microbial soil community. Use as foliar spray and/or when you water. MicroLife always delivers top-flight goodness and your cactus & succulents will love you for it. Rate: 2 oz per gal water generally every other watering. Foliar – 2 oz per gal of water, spray or mist the leaves to the point of drip.

  • Amazing nutrition for all Cactus & Succulents
  • Contains 100+ minerals, vitamins and natural stimulators
  • Supports a healthy soil microbial community
  • No heat is used in the manufacturing process
  • Completely Safe for All Living Things