Soil Mender

Lava Sand 40 lb

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  • 765013500014 UPC
  • High energy soil amendment that improves aeration and porosity of the soil
  • Increases paramagnetism in the soil, which results in increased plant vigor & production
  • Helps retain moisture in the soil

Soil Mender Lava Sand is a rock powder which is used to improve the physical characteristics of the soil. Lava Sand has a cellular structure that provides aeration and porosity to the soil. Lava Sand helps retain the right amount of moisture in the soil, is durable, and resists degradation.

Please Note: The current product we have been receiving from the manufacture is more of a pebble size (about the size of the eraser on a pencil). The bulk product they able to get is not ground into a sand or smaller particles as it once was. Sourcing this material is hard to find.