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​Why You Should go Organic When Gardening

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Welcome to Our Blog and Why You Should Garden Organic

Hey everyone, and welcome to AG Organics’s Blog. We’ll post here regularly with helpful home and gardening tips as well as insight on organic brands and products. Our company is dedicated to providing our customers with the tools to ensure that their garden of the highest quality while also being eco-friendly!

For our first post, we thought it would be an excellent idea to chat about why we find it so important to provide our gardeners with organic products.

Why Garden Organically and Naturally?

Would you eat food that you knew was processed with chemicals that were manufactured in a lab? Probably not. So why feed your plants chemicals? Additionally, we understand that words like “organic” and “all natural” aren’t always the most trustworthy, as many brands tend to just plaster them all over their labelling. We at AG Organics specially pick out products and manufacturers that we know create their fertilizers, insecticides, and soil out of the same materials that your plants have evolved to thrive in. It’s better to garden organic for the following reasons:

Better for the Soil

Soil is a delicate ecosystem of nutrients and minerals that can degrade under harsh conditions, including dangerous chemicals. Normally, plants and soil maintain a mutually beneficial where the plant extracts water and nutrients from the soil which are replaced upon the plant’s death. The chemicals in some fertilizers can actually alter the plant’s growth and energy systems, thus overusing the soils components, leaving it devoid of what it needs to allow plants to flourish.

Some chemical fertilizers could also affect the soil’s pH. A stable pH is necessary in maintaining the health of your garden in the long run. Even the most minute alteration can result in devastating the microbial ecosystem in your garden which helps to ward off pests and diseases. Therefore, a fertilizer that consists of materials that your garden is used to is important to a flourishing garden. Make sure to shop some of our favorite all natural and organic fertilizers today!

It’s Safer

Using all natural and organic products to maintain your garden is also much safer. You’re probably aware of the dangers that pesticide poisoning pose on you, your pets, and your children. Why would you use a product that could cause vomiting, fatigue, and, in severe cases, convulsions and unconsciousness in your garden? AG Organics cares about both your safety and your garden’s and therefore highly recommend making the switch to one of our safe and all natural multi purpose bug killers.

Natural pesticides are also better if you’re planning on vegetable gardening. The difference between organic vegetable gardening and gardening with chemically based products could be safer crops. And, unless you really enjoy injecting dangerous and toxic chemicals, then maybe it’s time to make the switch to organic gardening supplies.

Environmentally Friendlier

If you’re a gardener who isn’t concerned with the fate of our planet and its beautiful and diverse plant life, then you’re doing it wrong. The overuse of gardening supplies constructed by dangerous chemicals isn’t going to do the planet any good in the long run. Harsh chemicals can affect the balance of the soil (see above), thus rendering soil devoid of nutrients and rendering it useless. A soil without nutrients equals an unhealthy or nonexistent plant. Because our planet wholly relies on plants to help our planet thrive, it’s important not to mess with the soil that keeps plants living.

Thanks for reading today’s blog on why we at AG Organics finds organic gardening to be a top priority. Make sure to stop back regularly for more gardening tips and insight.