Bioform Liquid Fertilizer

Bioform Fish & Seaweed

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Premium organic foliar and soil fertilizer. Fish hydrosolate contains high quality protein and naturally occurring amino acids, as well as a huge complex of chelated minor elements (especially B vitamins) derived using the entire fish. Seaweed has long been known to farmers for its rich value in feeding plants with a wide range of nutrients, growth bio-stimulants and conditioners. Bonemeal provides calcium and phosphorus. Molasses acts as a microbe stimulant which assists in the plants' nutrition uptake. Diluted solution may be sprayed directly on foliage of flowering plants, vegetable plants, turf and shrubs anytime in the growing cycle. Ideal for house plants, commercial crops, lawn and turf, horticultural plants and shrubs and orchards. For fuzzy-leafed plants such as African violets or purple passion plants, avoid applying directly to leaves and water in to soils as directed.