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Armadillo Scram All Natural Granular Repellent 6 Lb. Bag

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  • 186955001764 UPC
  • The ONLY natural repellent that is designed just for armadillo's
  • Unique formula works by both taste and smell to stop armadillo damage in lawns
  • Won't harm animals, plants, people, or pets
  • All Season ... Ideal for infested areas year round

Armadillo Scram™ is a proprietary blend of natural and organic biodegradable ingredients specifically designed to reduce and eliminate armadillo activity.

Repels armadillos and alters their digestive system in two ways:

  • Food tastes bad and their digestive system is disturbed
  • Surrounding soil and armadillo burrows become bad smelling.

Armadillos are active throughout the year and normally come from neighboring properties. They prefer moist soil near creeks, streams and arroyos, around which they live and feed. Their underground burrows can be 20 feet in length and up to 5 feet in depth. They not only do damage to yards, lawns, and flower beds, but also to utility lines, sidewalks & foundations. Humans can acquire a leprosy infection from handling them and / or consuming their meat.

TIP: Before using Armadillo Scram™, carefully examine your property. Besides the visible damage in your lawn & beds look in garden areas, concealed spots along structures, fence lines, and landscape areas to find where the armadillos may have burrowed. This will ensure you are targeting the problem correctly.