Vital Earth Carl Pool

Orchid Food 30-10-10 Size 10 oz.

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  • 011247130108 UPC
  • Promotes Sturdier Root Growth
  • Flowers Maintain Color
  • Advanced formula water soluble plant food can be applied with no-clog hose-end feeders.


Carl Pool's Orchid food is great for all orchid varieties. Contains chelated Iron. Excellent results have been obtained growing orchids indoors by providing and suitable terrarium and giving the plants careful attention. The terrarium is built so that ventilationi can be given both at the top and sides. Orchids are planted in pots which stand on slat shelves over a tray holding water. Place terrarium near a window. Temperature should average 55 to 65 degrees F. Plant Calanthe orchids in fibrous loam and sand. Plant Cattleyas and other epiphytic orchids in osmunda fiber. Pack the fiber firmly around the roots with a potting stick. Analysis: Total Nitrogen (N) 4% Available phosphate (P2O5) 5% Soluble Potash (K2O) 4% Total Iron (Fe) 0.52% Application Recommendations: Mix 1 tespoon to every gallon of water once every two weeks.